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This operation is for sale. Please call 254-776-9511 for more information.

Does the task of choosing the right flight
school have you confused?

Are you perplexed by all of the flight training options available?
You want to become a pilot but you’re just not sure where to start! We're here to make it easy.

Your outlook on life will be forever changed the first time you take the controls…flying through the air…far above the ground. The best place for you to begin your journey of flight is at Aurora Aviation.

When you learn to fly from Aurora Aviation, you are truly learning from the best. It’s not just that you’ll learn from the world’s best-trained instructors. Or that you’ll train with innovative web based instruction. What really matters is that you will be learning to fly in the world’s greatest aircraft, Cessna’s forgiving, reliable single engine airplanes

Multi Engine Training
Are you ready to fly faster ,more advanced aircraft? Aurora Aviation offers professional multi engine flight training for pilots seeking a higher level of skill and proficiency. Flying a multi engine aircraft brings many new thrills and it’s very exciting. Learn to fly farther, higher and faster than you ever have… in a multi engine aircraft.

Call 254-848-2800 today and find out how you can start multi engine training. Our instructors will be glad to answer any questions you have about professional flight training at Aurora Aviation.

Aurora Aviation offers:
• Professional instructors
• Well maintained airplanes equipped with G 1000 technology
• Proven training that is cost effective and efficient
• Flight Training Financing

• Comfortable air-conditioned airplanes

G 1000 Technology

Your success is our goal!
Aurora Aviation’s Flight School is conveniently located at McGregor Executive Airport, just 5 minutes from Waco, Texas. We are a Cessna Pilot Center so you can be assured we instruct utilizing the latest technologies and fly the best in class Cessna aircraft including the new generation glass cockpit 172. Cessna’s web based, on-line training program is state of the art and a highly efficient, proven method to acquire the knowledge you need to soar like an eagle. This interactive, self paced program lets you study at home on the same subjects you’ll practice in the aircraft. In fact, customers of Cessna Pilot Centers complete their training in about one-third less time.

Call us today at 254 848-2800 and find out how you can start flying today. You can take a Introductory Flight with one of our professional flight instructors. This is a no obligation flight where we let you discover what flying is all about, and we’ll even let you take the controls of the aircraft. After the flight, our instructor will be glad to answer any questions you have about training at Aurora Aviation.

Heart-pounding. Life-altering. Soul-reaffirming.

Learn to fly and travel farther, higher, and faster than you ever have. Let the sky be your playground.

For more information on flight instruction, please contact:

Phone: 254.848.2800
Fax: 254.848.2555
Email: Flightschool@aurora-aviation.net